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Go Solar FL is a leader in the energy-saving industry in Florida. Our sister company was established in 2014 and soon gained a reputation of a trusted company.

Since then, we’ve installed over 15,000 solar energy systems for homes, businesses, schools, government facilities, and utilities across the country, totaling more than 260 megawatts of clean energy. We have both individual and corporate clients who have already appreciated solar energy and successfully use it for their work and life.

We continue developing our technology and implementing innovations for better functionality and more energy saving.

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Solar Energy

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you consume, solar will reduce your utility bills, saving you a lot of money. With the cost of solar becoming more affordable it is now more affordable than ever.

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Welcome to Go Solar FL. We are Florida’s premier provider of solar energy products, services, and solar panel installations. Harness the power of the sun’s rays and put them to good use – providing electrical energy needs to your home or business.

If you’re ready to go solar in Marion, Alachua, Lake, Sumter counties, or if you have questions about solar power technology and how it benefits you and the world around you, we’re here to provide you with any information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions


We know with solar comes a lot of questions so we compiled some of the question we most commonly here for you on our FAQ page

The price of residential solar electric systems varies based on system size, panel choice, and incentives. The good news is, a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the price, and additional incentives, can lop a huge piece off the purchase price. With aggressive financing options you can also own your system for what you are currently paying your utility company.


Residents in all states are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. After that, programs vary by state but may include rebates, net metering, income. Our solar consultants will walk you through the list of incentives that apply to you, and include them in your personalized proposal, to give you a clear picture of what solar can save and earn for you.


Most homeowners who pay for it outright see a 6 to 8 year return on investment, those who choose the “no out of pocket” financing option see an 8 to 10 year return on investment.

For the best results, the solar panels should be mounted on a southern facing roof or in your yard. The panels should have little to no shade on them during the hours of 9 AM to 3 PM throughout the year. During our visit to your home, we will conduct a “shade reading” to determine the amount of shade present at your location for the entire year.

Our Solar consultant will figure that out for you using the usage from your electric bill. An average sized residential solar electric system is around 8,000 watts and will produce about 9,600 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year.

Think of a REC (in NH) or SREC (in Mass.) as a unit of value for the clean solar energy you produce. As part of renewable energy development programs, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have set targets for solar and other green energy technologies. What this means to you is that you can sell the value of the solar energy you produce in a market created specifically for SRECs or RECs.


Depends. With a straight grid-tied system without batteries, even on a sunny day when your solar array is producing power, you will not have power in the home if the utility experiences a power outage. This is to protect the linemen working on the utility grid.

If you absolutely need power during an outage, your system must have batteries. This adds cost and complexity to the installation but can be done, and we do offer this service.

MOST DEFINITELY! You will be using less fossil fuel each and every day and producing your own clean energy. You will be responsible for your own carbon footprint.

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Latest Reviews

Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole
one month ago
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"Just wanted to share how easy it was to do something I wanted to do for a long time but thought it was too hard, too expensive and too complicated. I went solar and I love it. I'd like to encourage my neighbors to look into it. I had so many surprising benefits… Not the least of which is that the sun turns on my lights and it cost me nothing extra! And I’m sending a little extra back to the grid. I love that.”
Paul Simmons
Paul Simmons
one month ago
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I still can't believe my lights are powered by the sun now. Not to mention, my monthly loan payment is less than what I was spending on my electric bill. GoSolarFL were in and out in 2 days and did an incredible job. Brian was very polite and answered all of my questions. He really made me feel comfortable with such a big purchase. I will love to see my neighbors jump on the solar bandwagon.
Ashley Forthsire
Ashley Forthsire
one month ago
Read More
James with GoSolarFL is amazing. He helped me understand the whole solar process and answered all of my questions. The tax incentive I received really made it a no brainer. I look forward to my break even day which James calculated out to be around 5 years.
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