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With our sister company GoSolarNE having years of solar installation experience in New England , we decided to open up in the Sunshine state. We are your friendliest choice to help you find the right solar plan for your home.

With our office conveniently located in Ocala, FL, Go Solar FL is a mere hop, skip, and a jump away from your home or business. We’re happy to set up a site review to educate how solar energy can meet your usage goals.

We pride ourselves on our work, and take the time to listen to our customer’s concerns. If solar energy conversion is something you’re considering, we’ll take a look at your current energy consumption use (averages), discuss what you foresee in the future (perhaps you’re thinking about ditching fossil fuels all together and are implementing mini-split heat pumps) that may have an effect your energy needs, and implement a solar panel solution for you customized to fit your exact requirements.

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Jake Ottolini

Jake comes to the solar industry as a businessman looking to ignite and inspire change within the field, as well as in the world around him. He aspires to lead by example and leave the earth a better place for his children, his customers’ children, and all impending generations thereafter.

Never stagnant, Jake enjoys working in an industry that presents new challenges daily and brings with it lessons that keep things fresh. Learning new ways to marry the working relationship between technology and the earth and figuring out how the best of those lessons make positive and fiscal sense for both GoSolar and its customer base is a vastly important part of Jake’s daily life. While some solar companies work to fuel the bottom line, he established GoSolar to present honest, upfront methods of educating homeowners about the benefits and financial freedoms of going solar while hinging business success on the success of those very ideals. The result is a customer-centric approach and the betterment of all parties involved.

“We play a small part in what needs to be done in today’s energy dependent world, but it’s something I am very proud of. Every time someone goes solar or uses less dirty power, the better. It’s important small businesses like GoSolar are here to do their part just as much as it is important to teach kids about the future and how we can use clean, sustainable energy for all of our needs. This is why we focus on local town events to get into communities in a more personal manner.”

Cody Clifton

Cody worked as an EMT for several years as a young man. He later enrolled in college where he majored in Information Systems Management.  After college Cody helped several local and national businesses deliver excellent service focused on constant communication. He creates and maintains all of our technological communication services for our clients. He keeps the wheels moving, the clients heard and serviced. He’s an irreplaceable resource for our business.

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